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Important notice:  the entries to compete for the scholarship are closed. Subscription requests for directly or partial access are open until exhaustion.

In assembling a course of study in architecture one cannot disregard a holistic dimension of education.
For this reason the first Sustainable Architecture Summer School has been established within a faculty of humanities at the University of Siena with a grant by the Bertarelli Foundation.

The aim is to enable the study of the issues of sustainable design, knowledge of and respect for the land, and energy efficiency in a field of knowledge where teaching is centred around the respect for human endeavour and awareness of its consequences on the anthropic environment. The territory is the non-passive container of a community and its identity, history, peculiarities, needs and aspirations. It is the “place” where environmental, cultural, economic and social phenomena and issues interact. It is where we deposit the memory of our time. Architecture certainly performs the main function in the landscape in these areas. Architects, by coordinating a large group of specialists, transform the space into a place, they build strategies, identity, pride, cohesion and inclusion. Architects are the creators of the human environment, the guardian of emotional values, and must be aware of the history of architecture, art history and archaeology in analysing our life process. Their investigations, not unlike a biologist’s work, should be concerned with social, political, artistic and economic factors as well as all other forces that make up the life of a civilization.

A novel didactic methodology, complementary to the academic one, takes inspiration from similar and important experiences, such as that of Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti or that of the Rural Studio at Auburn University, where teaching is understood as a work-in-progress, which alternates lectures to experiences on building sites, in order to experiment with new and non-invasive technologies.
The school can be accessed by holders of a bachelor degree or similar qualification obtained in Italian and foreign universities, according to the current legislation in force at national and European level.

Access is by competitive examination. Ten scholarships will be provided to deserving students who pass the didactic committee’s selection.

The course has a duration of 100 hours of teaching organized in front-loaded lecturing, readings, lectures and lectio magistralis divided into two residential, theoretical weeks with design workshop at the Certosa di Pontignano (Si), from 28 July to 4 August and from 13 to 20 October, and a residential workshop at the site of the building school being constructed with the dry masonry technique, in Port au Prince, Haiti, October 20-27. There will be a maximum of 40 entries.

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